Before Downloading

Before downloading and installing Endpoint Manager, please call us or create a support ticket to make sure an engineer is available to work on your case.

NOTE: A minimum remote support session length is 30 minutes for which the payment is required prior to the beginning of the session, the remainder will be invoiced to you after the session is completed (In case the session is over 40 minutes. Please use the button below once instructed by the member of the team.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We only charge you for the actual work we do, this is why we try to make easy instructions for you to get prepared and save technician’s time.

We highly appreciate your cooperation and your business.

For your information

  • Endpoint Manager allows RWebZ Engineers to remotely access your Windows/Mac device in order to solve issues, install software, run system maintenance and more.
  • You can view the remote session, respond to remote control notifications and terminate the session.
  • You will be asked to accept or decline the initial connection request:

If no response is given, the connection will go ahead after the timeout period expires.

  • Click ‘Allow’ to accept the remote control request

Once the connection is established, a notification appears on your desktop. The notification tells you who is connected to your computer and the duration of the session:

  • You can terminate the session at any time by clicking ‘End session’.

Donwload Endpoint Manager

Please choose your operating system and then download and run the installer.


Process in brief:

  • Click the ‘Download Windows Installer’ button.
  • Run downloaded installer
  • Your device will automatically connects to Endpoint Manager once the installation is complete


Process in brief:

  • Open the enrollment email on the device you want to add
  • Click the link in the mail to start the setup wizard.
  • Click ‘Download mac OS Installer’.
  • Run the client installation package.
  • Your device will automatically connect to Endpoint Manager once the installation is complete

  • Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

  • The device is automatically enrolled to Endpoint Manager when installation is over.
  • The Endpoint Manager icon will appear on your desktop.




Process in brief:

  • Open the enrollment mail on the Linux device you want to enroll
  • Click the link in the email to start the setup wizard
  • Click the ‘Download’ button in the device enrollment wizard page and download the EM communication client
  • Install the client on the device
  • After installation, your device automatically connects to the Endpoint Manager server.

Supported distributions

  • Ubuntu 18
  • Ubuntu 16.04.2
  • Cent OS 7
  • Debian 8.8
  • Red Hat Enterprise 7

Enroll a Linux device

  • Click the ‘Download “Linux” Installer’ button and save the file:

You can install the communication client on the Linux device by completing the following:

  1. Change installer mode to executable – enter the following command:

$ chmod +x {$installation file$}

  1. Run installer with root privileges – enter the following command:

$ sudo ./{$installation file$}

For example:

chmod +x


  • The device is automatically enrolled to Endpoint Manager when installation is over.