Our Data Recovery service can help you recover lost files using our data recovery software. We also offer a lab recovery service for heavily damaged files or hard drives.

We store all sorts on our computers — Business files, reports, financial data, holiday snaps, music, home videos of the kids, home work assignments and more. The sad fact is that most people don’t keep a regular backup of these files which means that if files become corrupt or damaged you risk losing your data.

What we do to help

  • Recovery of deleted or corrupted files
  • Retrieve precious photos, videos files and music
  • Recover lost files from hard drives, memory cards and USB sticks
  • Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion Recovery
  • Accidental Formatting Recovery
  • Lost Password Recovery for Windows, Mac, Linux and Servers
  • Failed RAID Server Recovery
  • Failed External Storage Device Recovery
  • Transfer files to a new computer, USB Stick or External/Internal drive

What causes data loss?

Data recovery may become necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but generally the failure can be categorized as resulting from physical damage or logical corruption.

Physical Damage

Moisture contact or penetration
Exposure to extreme temperatures
Variations in humidity
Shock or force sustained
Defective mechanical or electronic components
Spike or surge in power source
Degrading read/write heads

Logical Corruption

File System formatted
Operating System reinstalled
Files deleted or recycled
Software (ScanDisk, CheckDisk, Defrag)
Virus intrusion
Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration

The Process ...

  • We’ll ask you to identify the files and where they were stored. After reviewing the device we’ll arrange for the files to be recovered.

  • The recovered files will be transferred to a new computer hard drive or flash drive. If a new computer, hard drive or flash drive is required we can arrange for this too.

  • We’ll return your old hard drive/memory and walk you through what was done during the service.

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