Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Boost Your Business with CRM

CRM software empowers you to manage interactions with future and existing customers, boosting your company’s bottom line through increased sales and stronger customer relations. At RWebZ, we utilize open-source CRM systems to tailor solutions that align perfectly with your business model, structure, and processes.

Beyond Marketing: CRM goes far beyond being a marketing tool. It efficiently manages interactions throughout the customer journey, playing a crucial role in business growth and customer retention. Whether you’re seeking to attract new businesses or retain existing ones, CRM is an essential step.

Customized Solutions for Your Success: At RWebZ, we go the extra mile to understand your business needs. Through in-depth analysis, we create a CRM system that addresses your specific requirements, elevating your customer connections to new levels.

Affordable CRM for All: We believe every business, regardless of size, should have access to CRM software. RWebZ aims to change the status quo by providing the most affordable CRM setup for small and medium-sized companies.

Discover the Power of CRM: CRM empowers your sales team to handle practical tasks efficiently. From task management to follow-ups and organization, CRM streamlines daily activities, giving you more time to focus on your customers. With features like the home page tool and CRM analysis, you’ll achieve better productivity and rapid reporting.

Simplify Your Workflows: CRM eliminates duplicated work, streamlines data coordination, and optimizes your business processes, ensuring you stay one step ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Unlock the full potential of CRM with RWebZ. Let us revolutionize your customer interactions and drive your business forward!

What CRM is used for?

Contact Management

Sales Automation



Inventory Management

Project Management

Vtiger CRM is online software that helps 300000+ businesses grow sales, improve marketing ROI, and deliver great customer service.

VTiger CRM features

Contact Management

Unify and store your contacts alongside detailed notes, documents, emails, calendar events, and more. Additionally, configure what information each CRM user can see and update, and automate business activities such as email responses and contact information updates.

Sales Automation

Capture Leads from your website, or import lists of them, then develop a process for qualifying and turning them into potential sales opportunities, and another for winning those potential opportunities. Additionally, track and segment your sales funnel, individual, and team, performance areas.


Send individual, targeted, or bulk emails to your contacts, leads, and customers, and see how they engage with each communication, with tools to analyze and improve campaign performance.


Create and track customer requests/tasks via tickets, and even allow your customers to create and monitor their own tickets and details through a professional customer portal.

Invoicing & Inventory Management

Build a database of your products and services, maintain inventories, standard prices and prices books, and use these to create quotes, invoices, and sales orders.

Project Management

Build and manage customer-associated projects, with detailed tasks that can be assigned to CRM users and placed on their calendars.

Unlocking the Potential of VTiger CRM: A User-Friendly Solution

Are you tired of complicated and uncomfortable CRM and ERP software that hinders your business growth? We understand your frustration and have the perfect solution for you – VTiger CRM. Let us show you how VTiger sets itself apart from other CRM applications with its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  1. Simplified User Experience: Unlike other CRM software, VTiger CRM is designed with the end-user in mind. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth onboarding experience, allowing your team to adapt within days rather than weeks or months. Say goodbye to complex and confusing systems!
  2. Intuitive Customization: With VTiger CRM, you are in control. Customize the CRM according to your unique business needs without the need for extensive technical expertise. Save time and money by making modifications yourself, empowering your business to thrive.
  3. Optimal User Comfort: VTiger CRM prioritizes user comfort. Say goodbye to tiny, hard-to-read fonts and overwhelming pages filled with unnecessary information. Enjoy a clean, visually appealing interface that enhances productivity and reduces user frustration.

At RWebZ, we understand the importance of an efficient CRM solution. That’s why we chose VTiger CRM for our business, and we believe it can do wonders for yours too. Experience the advantages of a user-friendly CRM that unlocks your business’s true potential. Make the smart choice with VTiger CRM at RWebZ.

Never miss anything important when out of office! Conveniently access you CRM on the go, using you Apple or Android smartphone.

Putting Your Success First: Why Our CRM Approach Stands Out

In the realm of CRM development, cost concerns can often hinder businesses, especially startups and small to mid-sized companies. The hefty price tags set by industry giants like Oracle and Salesforce can seem daunting, leaving businesses to rely on spreadsheets as a temporary solution.

However, we believe that a long-term strategy for growth demands more than spreadsheets. At some point, the decision to invest in CRM development arises, but the high initial costs can be intimidating. The truth is, CRM systems are continuous projects, spreading your investment over several years.

From our experience, we’ve witnessed companies investing significant amounts in CRM development, only to find that the solutions didn’t meet their needs. Resulting in losses of tens of thousands of dollars and years of precious time, such scenarios can be disheartening.

At RWebZ, we approach CRM differently. We treat your business as our own, understanding the value of a customized CRM for small and mid-sized companies. We know that investing $50,000 upfront in an uncertain solution can be unrealistic for smaller businesses. That’s why we are here to help.

With our expertise, we offer budget-friendly setup and customization of VTiger CRM tailored to suit your unique business needs. Our success lies in your success, and we strive to be the partner that enables your business growth. Say goodbye to CRM uncertainties and embrace the promise of a cost-effective, well-tailored CRM solution with RWebZ. Let’s pave the path to your success together.

Own Your CRM: The Power of Control and Confidentiality

When it comes to CRM solutions, the choice between having your own system or renting one from a big company is a critical decision for your business. Let’s explore the reasons why owning your CRM might be the smarter choice.

One of the primary concerns with hosted solutions is the lack of ownership. Storing your confidential data in software you don’t own can be unsettling. Even if they offer backups, you’re tied to their servers, leaving you with limited options if you ever decide to switch providers. The risk of being locked in with no control over your data is real.

Moreover, trusting big companies comes with a degree of uncertainty. The influx of hosted CRM providers in recent years can be seen as a marketing war, leaving businesses questioning the confidentiality of their data. These big companies are driven by profits, and while it’s uncertain whether they resell customer information, there’s a possibility that your data is being analyzed for marketing purposes.

At RWebZ, we empower you to have complete control over your CRM. By owning your CRM, you can rest assured that your sensitive data remains secure and private. We offer custom-built CRM solutions like VTiger CRM, tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your data stays confidential and under your control.

Don’t let uncertainty overshadow your CRM journey. With RWebZ, you can confidently own your CRM, enhance your data security, and make informed decisions to boost your business growth. Let’s build a CRM that empowers you and helps you achieve your goals with full control and confidentiality.

Let's Outline the Pros and Cons

VTiger Hosted by RWebZ

Initial setup and configuration cost is 1/4 of an average CRM setup costs.

All our servers are physically located in Canada, so your data never leaves the country. This is very important especially when your customers are government instances

We provide basic training of stuff + Customized video tutorials.

YOU OWN both the CRM software that we built for you and the data you entered no matter what.

Ammount of users is only limited by the performance of the server that can be upgraded at any given time.

You can use VTiger CRM out-of-the-box, with minimal customization and customize as you go

As customizable as the On-premise CMR

After the initial cost and server rental fees, the only other charges you may encounter is for additional customizations.

On-premise CRM

Infrastructure will cost more at the beginning. This is because you will have to purchase the hardware and software that you will use. You have to train IT personnel to maintain your system.

You can use VTiger CRM out-of-the-box, with minimal customization and customize as you go

Even if you don’t want to invest into customizing VTiger CRM, your company will double it’s productivity by only using the out-of-the-box features.

After the initial cost, On-premise CRM will only require updating and maintenance.

Amount of users is only limited by the performance of the server you have.

On-premise CMR tend to be more customizable

On-premise CRM have their own servers. This means it’s possible to have higher levels of control when it comes to your company’s data.

Cloud-based CRM

Most existing CRM systems and cloud services are usually priced per user. Meaning, the larger your team grows – the more you’ll be forced to pay on a requiring basis. Unlocking additional features and custom modules may require even more monthly payments.

Additionally, think of the following – your sales team obviously will use the product on a daily basis. Yet, if your marketing team or the key management personnel would like to have occasional access to the system as well, you’ll be required to pay for daily usage as well. Hence, you may be forced to restrict access, yet this means that the overall company efficiency and productivity may suffer.

Now, let’s take a look at the service pricing of one popular CRM vendor. Their enterprise-sized package is priced at $125 per user per month. Some quick math here:

25 users X $125 = $3125 per month = $37,500 per year = $187,500 for 5 years.

And please remember, with hosted CRM you will either need to have to set it up yourself or hire them to do the setup for you.

For the same amount of money your company could have already built a powerful, custom CRM system, which would require far less investments in maintenance and possible tech support.

Cloud-based CRM will cost less at the beginning because there is no need to purchase hardware or software. A third-party or company, owns the hardware and the software.

Can be less secure than On-premise CRM. This is because your information is in a third-party’s servers when you use a Cloud-based CRM

Will charge you a fee for as long as you continue to use their services.

Not convinced yet?

Operational CRM is an important tool for lead generation because it frequently deals with past customer data such as previous marketing campaigns, purchases and service satisfaction. CRM software also aims to automate these processes to create a better experience for both the businesses and their customers.

Why is CRM important for small businesses?


Customer relationship management (CRM) is important in running a successful business. The better the relationship, the easier it is to conduct business and generate revenue. Therefore using technology to improve CRM makes good business sense.

Why CRM is required for any business?

Info entrepreneurs

Better reporting data means you will be able to make effective business decisions and improve revenue in the long run. A CRM system can help maximize your business performance by increasing your up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

What are the benefits of a CRM system in your business?

Perfect Mind

CRM is more important now than ever to businesses because it can help you to gain new customers and retain existing ones. In today’s highly competitive environment and with so many products and services to choose from, customers are picky and customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past.

Why is CRM important in today’s business environment?

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