Data Backup - Why is it important ?

Companies and people are very dependent on data. Same as a person cannot survive without air, water and food, business cannot survive without data. 40% of companies that do not have proper backup or disaster recovery plan in place, do not survive a disaster. It is extremely important that your company has a backup strategy and solution in place. Otherwise, you can be a statistics.

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Don’t wait for the worst to happen—take action now to protect your business from the devastating impacts of ransomware attacks. Our proactive and reliable backup solutions will ensure that your valuable data remains secure and immune to ransomware threats.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and no business is immune. Don’t become a victim of these malicious cyber threats. With our comprehensive backup solutions, you can rest assured that your critical data is shielded and ready to recover in the face of any ransomware attack.

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Pros and Cons

Most common backup solutions

On-Primise backup solution

Data is copied onto a physical device (External Hard Drive or NAS “Network Attached Storage”) located in the same building where data resides


Performance – Local storage results in very low latency and fast response

Security – With local storage, you are control of your own data security.


Cost – The initial outlay spend for storage can be extremely expensive depending on the size of the storage array, as well as the installation and configuration of the hardware and software.

Support – The storage device will need to be managed maintained and upgraded in-house or by third-party.

Lifecycle – With onsite storage you are responsible for security updates, firmware upgrades and software patches to the storage array. Consideration must be given to future expansions and lifecycle of the storage array. Plans must be made for when the storage becomes obsolete and eventually, you will need to retire the storage array and upgrade.

Off-Site backup solution

Data is being collected from local storage, encrypted and uploaded to a storage server in a datacenter located outside of a client’s location. later, encrypted backup is being replicated between daughter server throughout the region for a better redundancy.


Scalability – Storage can be easily expanded as your demand grows.

Cost and Value – Offsite and cloud storage is extremely affordable, you only pay for what you use.

Fast Deployment – With offsite cloud storage, the infrastructure is already in place and the platform is already available to use.

Managed Storage Service – Our team will setup, manage and monitor your backup processes.

Performance – Offsite storage performance has gotten significantly faster in recent years.


Lifetime Cost – Consideration needs to be given to the long term needs for storage and recurring costs.

No matter what way you choose, we got you covered!

Complete Service offered

Continuous Data Protection
3 Layers of Encryption delivers military grade security
Local backup and local restore
Cloud backup and online restore
Flexible backup scheduling
Intelligent file filtering (Set to ignore MP3, AVI and MPEG files and other non- essential files)
Data is backed up using multiple data centers, spread across multiple continents
For Government authorities, all data is encrypted and stores within Canada.
Quick restore, we can restore a single file directly onto your computer
Local backup replication offsite, to the cloud or client’s location.

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