Our Services

Technical support around Windows, Linux and Mac OS, support with websites, from fixing existing issues to building a completely new website, providing best in class business phone systems, help with networks, backups and data recovery, computer monitoring and security patching, computer repair and upgrades.

Our goal is to provide affordable and reliable IT services for small businesses and sole proprietors.

Hard to find someone you can trust

We all have our reasons for trusting or not trusting experts, today’s market’s problem is that everyone that setup a network or a server once in their life think that they are the experts.

Geeks, for example, are NOT experts in any means of it, Geeks, for the most case are people who know the procedure but have no idea why this needs to be exactly this way and when their actions lead to more issues, they get nervous and back-up. Also lots of specialists out there are unable to admit that they don’t know the solution.

We have the expertise, we know how things work, we know how to predict possible issues, we know thousands of solutions and finally, we can admit that we don’t know something but we will always figure it out.

WEB Design and Development

We have been building simple and complex websites as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for over 10 years, always learning new tricks and coming up with fresh ideas. We like to listen to our clients to better understand what they expect from their website, but are also very happy to recommend paths and ideas from our experience and point of view.

Our Services

Easy to Manage

Back-end of the websites we build has logical and easy to use interface so everyone can use it.

Fully Responsive

When we build your website, we use templates that comply with latest standards, to make sure your website looks great on any device.

Secure and Encrypted

We use latest security plugins and SSL encryption certificates to make you’re customer’s experience safe and enjoyable.

Website Optimization

We optimize performance to maximize user experience while fully utilizing capabilities of the server.

Our Projects

High Performance Web Hosting

Pure Solid-State Experience
At RWebZ we offer fastest and most reliable web hosting services in Canada. Our servers are built using the latest technology and housed within the only carrier hotel located in the heart of Montreal.

For the Beginning

Shared Hosting

 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
 Daily Backups
 Unlimited Bandwidth
 1 Core CPU
 1GB of RAM
 50 MB/s Disk I/O

 500 000 Inodes
 Shared server
 Limited E-Mail accounts
 Limited Domains
 Limited Sub-Domains
 Limited Databases

For the Growth

Enterprise Hosting

 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
 Dedicated CPU
 Dedicated RAM
 Dedicated Processes Pool
 High Disk I/O
 Free Daily Backups

 Unlimited Bandwidth
 Unlimited Domains
 Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
 Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Databases
 24/7 Technical Support

Clients and Testimonials

Enterprise phone service built for small business

Work from home or anywhere, and stay connected to what matters.

Ooma Office is built for small businesses. Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, you can rely on Ooma for an effective office phone system.

There are no contracts, Unlimited calling in Canada, U.S., Mexico as well as Puerto Rico and you can keep your number. From our virtual receptionist to extension dialing, the features go on and on. All of this and more only costs CDN$ 24.95 per month per user. It’s no wonder we keep winning awards.

Managed IT Services

Proactive Maintenance

 24/7 System Monitoring
 Security Patching
 Virus Scanner
 Intrusion Prevention

Managed Services

 Server Management
 Workstation Management
 Network Management
 Asset Management
 Remote Support
 Onsite Support

Computer Repair

 FREE Diagnostic*
 Hardware components
 Virus & Malware Removal
 Software issues
 Windows, Linux, MacOS
 Data Recovery

More About Us

Who we are

RWebZ is a family owned company originated in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2014, Originally company was called “Regina WebZ”. We started as a Hosting service provider and web developer, but with course of years, we have learned and expanded, and learned. Today providing essential IT services to small businesses is our priority #1, because as a small business ourselves, we understand how much IT can cost.

With years of experience and expertise, we’ll tell you a secret… Switching it OFF and ON does fix 90% of problems, but please, do it right or ask us to help.

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Why choose us

Our mission is to provide reliable service at affordable cost to small and medium sized businesses that can’t afford paying thousands of dollars monthly to monitor and maintain their infrastructure, or simply lost or frightened by previous experience.

Helping you is our job and pleasure.

We are:
 Fixing computers since 1997
Maintaining large networks since 2001
 Building Websites since 2007
 Providing hosting services since 2014
 Providing MSP services since 2017

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