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New SSDs Have Built-in Protection Against Ransomware, Data Theft

Cigent and Phison make self-defending SSDs available to broader audiences. Phison and Cigent introduced a co-developed SSD platform that protects against ransomware and data theft with mechanisms built directly into the SSD’s firmware. The drives even automatically encrypt and hide data from prying eyes in the event of an attack. These ‘self-defending’ drives will be…

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New Windows Trojan Steals Browser Credentials, Outlook Files

The newly discovered Python-based malware family targets the Outlook processes, and browser credentials, of Microsoft Windows victims. Researchers have discovered a new information-stealing trojan, which targets Microsoft Windows systems with an onslaught of data-exfiltration capabilities– from collecting browser credentials to targeting Outlook files. The trojan, called PyMicropsia (due to it being built with Python) has…

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