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Introducing Ooma Office, The Ideal Phone System For Small and Medium Business

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We are excited to announce that RWebZ just became an authorized Ooma Business partner, one of the best business VOIP phone services available in North America.

Ooma creates new communications experiences for small and medium businesses. Its smart SaaS platform serves as a communications hub, which offers cloud-based telephony, home security and other connected services.

Ooma Office is a versatile and user-friendly phone system that offers the top-notch features you need at a fraction of the price you’ve typically paid for your landline.

As technology has advanced and our lives have become more mobile, companies have quickly changed the way they do business. Unlike in the past, when companies conducted most of their business from fancy offices with assistants and receptions posted just outside, today’s people are always on the go, handling calls from anywhere and everywhere.

Just because many businesses are less tied to offices these days doesn’t mean they don’t still need a professional office phone system. In fact, professionalism is more important than ever when business is being handled everywhere from construction sites, plants, courthouses, airports to coffee shops. Unfortunately, relying on mobile devices has traditionally meant running the risk of missing important calls or failing to put on a polished front when you’re on the go. Your only option in the past was to give out your personal cell phone, which is far from ideal and doesn’t help with work/life balance.

That’s where Ooma Office comes in. Specifically designed to meet the needs of busy employees and business owners, Ooma Office is a versatile and user-friendly phone system that offers the top-notch features you need at a fraction of the price you’ve typically paid for your landline. Whether you need two phones lines or 200, Ooma offers the flexibility and features necessary to handle business with the professionalism your clients have come to expect.

All the Features of a Traditional Landline, Plus So Much More

When it comes to a small business phone system, you need features that seamlessly fit into your daily workflows. For most contractors, service-oriented businesses and trucking companies, that means being able to do the same work whether they’re in the office or on the go.

With Ooma Office, you can manage your phone system virtually, with access to all the following advanced features no matter where you choose to conduct business, so you maintain a professional front at all times.

  • Virtual Receptionist and Call Routing. Appearing professional starts with the first moment someone calls your office. With Ooma Office, you get a virtual receptionist that greets your clients and directs your calls. A virtual menu accurately routes your calls to the right person, with multiple-level routing menus available. This is a great solution that can scale with you as you grow your business — right now, you might want all menu options to route to one or a few people, with the option to change that routing if your business expands. Even if you’re a solo practitioner, you can sound just as professional as the big companies.
  • Ring Groups. Ooma Office allows you to direct incoming calls to ring through to multiple users at once, so no call routed through your virtual receptionist ever goes unanswered. Your ring groups are fully customizable, with the option to have the ring group name appear on your employees’ caller ID display so they always know how to answer a call.
  • Conference Bridge. Everyone knows that conference calls are a crucial part of doing business, and Ooma Office offers a seamless way to handle them. Your included conference line allows you to connect up to 10 people in a single call, without having to pay for a separate conference service.
  • Mobile App. When you’re on the go, having your calls forwarded to your mobile devices isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With Ooma Office, the mobile app for iPhone and Android comes standard. It also allows to you achieve that ever-elusive work/life balance — since your office calls are routed through the app, you’ll always know if a call is a work call, and you’ll never have to give out your personal cell number if you don’t want to.
  • Voicemail. Voicemail through Ooma Office far surpasses the voicemail you get with a traditional landline. In addition to a standard recording on your phone, the audio file is also emailed to you, so you can listen to it without calling into an answering service. You can also add audio files to matter folders for later use if necessary.
  • Virtual Fax and Call Logs. Even in the age of modern technology, faxes are still very much a part of legal practice. With Ooma Office, you get a virtual fax service, complete with a log of all faxes. You similarly get a log of all your calls to help you create accurate bills.
  • Toll-Free Number. A toll-free number is included in your Ooma package at no extra charge.
  • Call Waiting. Especially for smaller businesses, missing a call can mean losing business. Call waiting comes standard with Ooma Office, so you never miss out on anything important.
  • Call Parking. With Ooma Office, you can park up to five calls at the same time rather than sending them all to voicemail. Calls parked on hold can be answered by any available extension, and you can even choose your own hold music.
  • Call Blocking. While you never want to miss important calls, not all calls need to be answered. Ooma Office lets you block specific numbers or turn on Anonymous Call Rejection, which blocks incoming calls that lack caller ID information.

When’s the last time your landline did all that? With an Ooma Office plan, all these advanced features come standard. You can even keep your existing phone number when you switch over, to ensure there’s no interruption to your business.

Better yet, the whole package comes with a lower price tag than a traditional landline. Ooma charges a flat fee of C$24.95 per month per user. No add-ons. No exceptions. No contracts. And you don’t need any special technical skills to set it up — everything is simple to manage through a straightforward web portal. It’s hard to imagine a more affordable way to get the professionalism you need in an office phone system in a way that fits with your daily routine. RWebZ is also providing professional setup and installation and consulting services for Ooma office including business network setup and maintenance. If you’re looking to improve your phone system and avail of all these features, check out Ooma Office today.

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