Jupyter trojan: Newly discovered malware stealthily steals usernames and passwords

A newly uncovered trojan malware campaign is targeting businesses and higher education in what appears to be an effort to steal usernames, passwords and other private information as well as creating a persistent backdoor onto compromised systems. Jupyter infostealer has been detailed by cybersecurity company Morphisec who discovered it on the network of an unnamed higher education establishment in…

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COVID-19 Detection – BTDS (Body Temperature Detection System)

I thought this will be a very useful device to use in our businesses to detect potentially sick people and prevent spread of infection. Our partner, biggest manufacturer of military computer gear RuggON has developed an Covid-19 Detection system, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) empowered Body Temperature Detection System. Using FLIR’s camera and custom algorithm this…

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Extron Inc. Selects Ooma Office For its Advanced Cloud-Based Features, Replacing a Legacy PBX Phone System

Sunnyvale, CA – Wednesday, March 4, 2020 – Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, today announced that Extron Inc., a leader in manufacturing solutions for tech companies, has selected Ooma Office for its advanced cloud-based features, replacing a legacy on-premise PBX phone system that could no longer meet business needs.

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